Commercial Carpet Cleaner FAQ

Office managers and commercial property owners often have a lot of questions about what the best way to have their carpets cleaned may be. Our team has helped many businesses throughout NYC, Manhattan, and the surrounding area with our full-service carpet and rug cleaning services. This page contains many of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you don't find the answer to your questions here, please be sure to give us a call at 718-840-3609 to speak with one of our customer service professionals.

Can You Clean My Carpets After Hours?

Yes. When we are working with commercial clients it is not at all uncommon to have to come out after hours or overnight. We can also complete the job on the weekend. We are very flexible so that we can provide you with the clean carpets you need without interrupting your normal business operations.

Will You Move Office Desks & Chairs?

Yes. If you need desks, cabinets, furniture, or other items moved so we can get to the full carpet, we will be more than happy to do that. We will carefully move each item out of the way so that we can properly clean the carpet. When done, we'll move everything back to its proper place.

Do You Clean Office Chairs & Furniture?

Yes. When we come out to do your carpets we can also clean the upholstery on your office chairs, furniture, and any other items. Having these pieces of furniture cleaned while we are there is a great way to make sure everything looks its best when we are done.

Do You Clean Area Rugs?

Yes. In addition to carpets and upholstery, we also clean all types of area rugs. Many offices have an area rug in the entrance area or some other place that needs to look nice. We know how to clean all types of area rugs sot that they look like new again. Just let us know that you will need this done when you contact us.

How Much is it to Clean My Office?

The prices for commercial carpet cleaning can vary dramatically based on a number of factors. The most important factor is how large the area is that needs to be cleaned. Naturally, the bigger the area the more it is going to cost. Other factors include whether there are carpeted staircases, when you need the work done, if you need upholstery cleaned, and much more. We offer free estimates to potential customers who are thinking about having us clean their carpets. When you call for an appointment we can provide you with a custom quote based on your exact needs.

How Do We Schedule an Appointment?

The easiest way to schedule an appointment for us to clean the carpets in your commercial building is to give us a call and talk with one of our customer service professionals. We can provide you with an estimate on what it will cost, and discuss what dates and times will work best for you. To speak with one of our customer service professionals please dial 718-840-3609. We look forward to helping you soon.

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Get a Free Estimate Today

If you want to get more information about our carpet cleaning services for commercial customers, you can call to speak with one of our customer service professionals. We will discuss your specific needs, and then provide you with a free estimate on how much it will be to get your cleaning done by us. This is a fast and easy process that will provide you with the information you require for making a decision. Of course, this estimate does not come with any type of obligation to use our services, so there is nothing to lose. Give us a call at 718-840-3609 to speak with one of our customer service professionals today!